Collection of good Moorcroft - always needed for sale

Monthly two day auction.

Saturdays: Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, Books
Sundays: Ceramics, Glass, Silver, Furniture, Oriental & General

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Monthly Antiques & Fine Art Sales over two days usually comprise of between 1200 and 1800 lots. Items always include a wide variety of antiques across many disciplines such as: Watercolours and Oils, Jewellery and Silver, Ceramics and Glass, Oriental, Collectables including stamps & coins, Rugs and Furniture.

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Fine art sold every month - at Barsby Auctions - Sydney

We receive items from all parts of Australia. Over 90% are from private estates and individual sellers whether consigned through probate, downsizing, moving abroad or just changing interiors.
We strive to make the process of selling a smooth, straightforward, enjoyable and most importantly a profitable one!

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Looking for Art Auctions in Sydney? Residents from Inner West, the Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs can Look Here:

Art auctions offer the kind of experience that you can’t get from going to galleries. Much of what is represented in galleries falls into one of two categories: either it’s brand new and created by artists who have yet to establish themselves, or it’s being showcased by someone famous and costs well over what most people can afford. Unless you fall into a very narrow segment of society or are willing to take a risk investing in something that may not appreciate in value over the years, a gallery may not necessarily be the best place to purchase art for your home or your collection. Art auctions, on the other hand, provide an excellent alternative.

Art auctions in Sydney can be the perfect places to find unique pieces for your home or rare works for your collection without paying gallery prices. Furthermore, many of the pieces you’ll find in art auctions throughout Sydney have rich stories behind them, so even if they aren’t famous masterworks they still carry a degree of history that brand new works by unestablished artists don’t have. The question then remains: where can you find art auctions near you? Inner West residents, along with those from the Eastern Suburbs and Northern Beaches will be happy to know that art auctions are frequently held by Barsby’s Auctions at our Crows Nest location in the lower North Shore, making us accessible from all of these areas.

Barsby’s is dedicated to providing buyers with curated options that have been carefully vetted for quality, while also offering the opportunity for them to acquire these pieces at far lower prices than they might be asked to pay elsewhere. If you’re searching for something unique and exciting, you’ll want to look through one of our catalogues to see what we’re auctioning off at our next event.

Professionally Conducted Art Auctions Near the Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs and Inner West Areas of Sydney

When you’re attending an art auction, it’s important to find one staffed by professionals. Barsby’s is run by a team of well trained auctioneers who can provide accurate condition reports up to 24 hours before each sale commences, which helps you get a clear picture of what you’ll be bidding on. Online catalogues can also be viewed four days before each event, which are accompanied by illustrations of many of our lots. You can even request digital photos of the pieces you’re interested in.

Convenient Buying Practices

Since Barsby’s is located in the lower North Shore, our art auctions are near Inner West, the Eastern Suburbs, and Northern Beaches. However, we realise that you may not always be able to attend our events, which are generally held on the third weekend of every month (with art being auctioned off on Saturday). There are still plenty of ways for you to bid on the item you’d like, though—from commission bids to bids placed via telephone and the internet. This provides those of you seeking an art auction from the Eastern Suburbs or other less central parts of Sydney to participate in our events conveniently.