Collection of good Moorcroft - always needed for sale

Monthly two day auction.

Saturdays: Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, Books
Sundays: Ceramics, Glass, Silver, Furniture, Oriental & General

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Monthly Antiques & Fine Art Sales over two days usually comprise of between 1200 and 1800 lots. Items always include a wide variety of antiques across many disciplines such as: Watercolours and Oils, Jewellery and Silver, Ceramics and Glass, Oriental, Collectables including stamps & coins, Rugs and Furniture.

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Fine art sold every month - at Barsby Auctions - Sydney

We receive items from all parts of Australia. Over 90% are from private estates and individual sellers whether consigned through probate, downsizing, moving abroad or just changing interiors.
We strive to make the process of selling a smooth, straightforward, enjoyable and most importantly a profitable one!

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You Can Buy Antiques Right Where You Live in Sydney, the Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches or Inner West.

Antiques are more than just unique furnishings you can’t buy in stores or warehouses anymore—they’re pieces of history; souvenirs from bygone days and reminders of different times. Having an antique in your home connects you to an era that doesn’t exist anymore, and puts you in touch with all the culture that accompanied it. It’s like a time machine that activates every time you lay your eyes on it. When you’re trying to buy antiques for your Sydney home or private collection, though, you’ll want to be careful. Getting your hands on genuine antiques is wonderful, but not everything out there is 100% authentic—and not every seller will be able to tell you the difference. Too often, people see things that look old and make the mistake of assuming that they’re genuinely valuable. That kind of hit or miss approach won’t satisfy any serious collector, so you should make sure that you only buy from people who do their research.

Who can you trust to sell you a genuine antique, though? Not junk shops, that’s for sure. Many people fantasise about picking up a rare old piece of furniture from their local rummage sale and later finding out that it’s worth thousands of dollars, but can count the number of times that’s happened to them in real life on precisely zero fingers. It’s a far better idea to visit an auction. Good auctions are always organised by professionals who are trained and qualified to identify authentic antiques. Going to an auction set up by an established and reliable company guarantees that you won’t spend your money on anything that isn’t 100% real and verifiable.

If you’re looking for an auction where you can buy antiques near the Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches or Inner West areas of Sydney, Barsby Auctions is an extremely solid choice. Run by a team of experienced auctioneers and owned by David Barsby, an antique dealer with over 30 years of experience, we use a number of safeguards and reliable procedures to ensure the quality of everything that we sell, so that our buyers can obtain genuine goods every time they bid at one of our auctions.

Buy Antiques in Northern Beaches, Inner West or Eastern Suburbs at Affordable Prices

Contrary to what some people believe, auctions can be a wonderful way to buy antiques in the Sydney area far below retail prices. While we work hard to ensure that our sellers receive fair compensation for their items, we also set up our auctions in such a way that savvy bidding can save buyers from the considerable markups found in many antique dealerships. Visit one of our auctions for yourself and you’ll see. Whether you’ve come to buy antiques from Inner West or the Northern Beaches, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get what you need at prices you’ll appreciate.

Visit Us Monthly

We hold two-day monthly auctions on the third weekend of each month, with antique furniture being sold mainly on Sundays. We also hold specialty auctions at various events and in-house sales around Sydney. Check out our full calendar and look through our calendars for more details.