Collection of good Moorcroft - always needed for sale

Monthly two day auction.

Saturdays: Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, Books
Sundays: Ceramics, Glass, Silver, Furniture, Oriental & General

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Buying Antiques and Fine Arts

Monthly Antiques & Fine Art Sales over two days usually comprise of between 1200 and 1800 lots. Items always include a wide variety of antiques across many disciplines such as: Watercolours and Oils, Jewellery and Silver, Ceramics and Glass, Oriental, Collectables including stamps & coins, Rugs and Furniture.

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Fine art sold every month - at Barsby Auctions - Sydney

We receive items from all parts of Australia. Over 90% are from private estates and individual sellers whether consigned through probate, downsizing, moving abroad or just changing interiors.
We strive to make the process of selling a smooth, straightforward, enjoyable and most importantly a profitable one!

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Find Good Homes for Your Loved One’s Possessions at a Deceased Estate Auction in Sydney: Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches or Inner West

Sometimes it can feel as though the loved ones we’ve lost live on in their possessions long after they’ve passed on from the world we know. We may not always be able to hold on to all of their belongings, but our love and respect for them should compel us to make sure that the objects they held dear find their way into the hands of people who will always take proper care of them. This can make selling the possessions of a recently deceased loved one even harder than it already is because it can be difficult to know whether or not the objects in question will be adequately maintained when you’re selling them to some faceless antique dealer or pawnbroker. If you want to make sure that these objects are going to be respected, you’re far better off finding a buyer for them directly.

That can be tricky, though. You might be well aware of the sentimental value of the goods in your possession, but you may not know what you can reasonably ask for them. Then there’s the matter of finding out who might be interested in buying them and reaching out to those people directly. It’s not an easy thing to cold call somebody and ask them to purchase goods you’ve just inherited, and you might not have much success. Your other option is to hold a deceased estate auction. In the Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches or Inner West regions of Sydney, a deceased estate auction can help you bring responsible and interested buyers together to find good homes for the belongings your loved one has left behind.

Barsby Auctions is well qualified to help you hold a deceased estate auction in the Sydney area. A successful company for over six years, Barsby’s is also owned and operated by an antique dealer with over thirty years of experience in the industry, and all of our staff members are highly qualified. Furthermore, our international reputation puts our sellers and us on the radar of a wide variety of buyers who care deeply about the pieces they bid on. With Barsby’s, you’ll be able to give your deceased relatives prized possessions the new homes they truly deserve.

Hold a Deceased Estate Auction in Northern Beaches, the Eastern Suburbs or Inner West

Barsby’s typically holds two day monthly auctions on the third weekend of each month at our location on the lower North Shore. However, we’re also available for a variety of special events and in-house auctions, making us an excellent company to contact about holding your deceased estate auction. Residents of Inner West, the Northern Beaches or Eastern Suburbs can all take advantage of our professional services and commitment to selling your goods.

No Charges for Unsold Items

Barsby’s respects the business of each and every client, especially in sensitive cases like deceased estate auctions where great sentimental value may be attached to some of the pieces. That’s why we never charge for items that aren’t sold. Simply collect them from us within three days of the receipt of notification of your sale results, or see if we can re-enter the items in our next suitable sale. Trust Barsby’s and you’ll find it easy to make sure that the goods your loved ones cherished find safe and responsible new owners.