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I want to sell an item, what do I do?
First thing is to find out what it is worth. You can get a free appraisal. The easiest way is send us an email with a picture or you can bring small items to our rooms for appraisal. We base our estimates on auction sales results, of similar items, on auction prices locally and internationally. If you decide to proceed, what happens next. You will need to bring the item to us for consignement. Our team will document yout item and explain the rest of the sales process. All items consigned to us are insured against theft, at no additional cost..
What are the cost in selling an item?
Our commission for selling an item is 16.5% (including GST) one of the lowest rates in Sydney. There is also a $3.30 admin fee, applicable if the items sells. You are also resposible for getting the items to our rooms. We can sometimes assist with this or we can recommend some reasonable priced carriers
What if I have a whole housefull of items?
If you have too many items to photograph or bring in. A house visit can be arranged. Obvioulsy there is a limit to how far we can travel, contact to discuss 02 9439 7432.
Can I set a reserve?
For more important items we are happy to agree a reserve with you. This must be done at the time the item is consigned and must be agree by both parties. Reserves must be below the lower estimate gived at the time of appraisal.
What happens if my item does not sell?
We are happy to re-enter your item into a second auction. If it does not sell a second time we will ask you to collect.