Collection of good Moorcroft - always needed for sale

Monthly two day auction.

Saturdays: Jewellery, Art, Coins & Stamps, Books
Sundays: Ceramics, Glass, Silver, Furniture, Oriental & General

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Monthly Antiques & Fine Art Sales over two days usually comprise of between 1200 and 1800 lots. Items always include a wide variety of antiques across many disciplines such as: Watercolours and Oils, Jewellery and Silver, Ceramics and Glass, Oriental, Collectables including stamps & coins, Rugs and Furniture.

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Fine art sold every month - at Barsby Auctions - Sydney

We receive items from all parts of Australia. Over 90% are from private estates and individual sellers whether consigned through probate, downsizing, moving abroad or just changing interiors.
We strive to make the process of selling a smooth, straightforward, enjoyable and most importantly a profitable one!

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Jewellery Auctions Done Right in Sydney: Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches and Inner West

Jewellery has to be handled correctly at every phase of its life, but particularly when it’s changing ownership. Whether you’re in the market to buy jewellery or to sell it, it’s crucial that you deal with people who understand it, respect it and can tell the high quality products apart from the rest. After all, a lot of jewellery is made and sold every year, which can make determining its value difficult. If you’re selling, you want to deal with a person who understands exactly how much your piece is worth and who won’t sell it for too little, whereas buyers need to purchase from people who know their products well enough to sell authentic articles every time. This can be difficult, but it’s very possible to find people out there who can help you in either case.

You won’t necessarily find those people behind a counter in a jewellery store, however. The jewellery industry is highly concerned with making profits and doesn’t necessarily look out for their customers—or for people who are reselling jewellery and hoping for a return on their investments. You won’t get better deals from pawn shops either, who tend to prey on the desperation of both their customers and suppliers. If you’re looking for a better option, you might consider an auction. Jewellery auctions in Sydney, from the Eastern Suburbs to Northern Beaches and Inner West, can be a wonderful way to find high quality items or to make sure that the pieces you’re trying to get rid of are sold in an ethical, above board way that provides you with your fair share of the profits.

Some of the best jewellery auctions accessible from Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs or Inner West are organised and conducted by Barsby’s. Barsby Auctions is a company with over six years of successful auctioneering under our belt, and an owner who has spent more than three decades learning the ins and outs of the business. The auctions we hold are highly professional, and attract a wide variety of premier buyers and sellers from the Sydney area, the rest of the country, and around the world.

How Our Jewellery Auctions Work: from Inner West and the Eastern Suburbs to Northern Beaches and the Rest of Sydney

All of our auctions are extensively covered in local newspapers, as well as the Sydney Morning Herald. We also publish complete catalogues elsewhere on our website, along with detailed illustrations of hundreds of items. Buyers from outside of Australia can find our catalogues on numerous international websites as well, ensuring that it’s always easy to know when we’ll be selling quality jewellery. If you’re selling with us, you can also expect detailed valuations from a member of our team prior to the auction, ensuring that you have some idea of what you can expect.

Choose Barsby’s and People who Know Jewellery

Whether you’re trying to acquire another piece for your collection, find something special, or part with something you no longer need in your life for a reasonable price, you’ll find the solution with Barsby’s. Contact us today to find out how you can be a part of our next jewellery auction.