Antique Furniture Auctions in Sydney

If you are a discerning collector, an interior designer searching for unique statement products, or an enthusiast of period pieces, don’t miss our antique furniture auctions in Sydney. Our curated collections feature a wide range of exquisite items, with each one meticulously selected for its craftsmanship, historical significance, and aesthetic appeal.

Online Furniture Auctions

Our online platform provides real-time bidding updates, ensuring you are aware of the highest bid and allowing you to confidently place your offers with ease.

With our user-friendly online platform, we have made it easy for you to browse, bid, and win the piece of furniture that catches your eye. From stately armoires to elegant chairs and intricately carved tables and cabinets, our Sydney furniture auctions help online buyers purchase premium furniture from a vast number of different designers, styles, eras, and origins. Each item is accompanied by detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and, when available, historical information and provenance.

2024 Antique Auction Schedule

Discover One-of-a-Kind Furniture Pieces

At Barsby Auctions, we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable auction experience for all our clients. From rare finds that command attention to antique pieces with a story to tell, our events offer an opportunity to bid on all sorts of products that resonate with your distinct style. Find unique and standout antique furniture at our Sydney auctions and get in touch today to receive personalised advice and expert guidance throughout the bidding process.